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16oz Aqua Squeasy Sport

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    The Squeasy Sport™ is the most versatile reusable sport bottle on the market. It was designed to provide not only hydration but easy feeding on-the-go™. It is the only sport bottle that offers the patent pending 2-in-1 removable NO SPILL INSERT™ for no spill or free flow. It works great with any of your favorite hydration drinks, smoothies, protein shakes, etc. The 100% silicone bottle collapses completely flat and can be rolled up for easy storage.

    Easy to fill: Features a wide opening. The collar and spout are easy to grip for opening and closing.
    Easy to use: Simply fill with your favorite hydration drink, smoothie, protein shake, etc.
    Easy to clean: The bottle is flexible enough to reach inside bottom for cleaning and all parts are top rack dishwasher safe.

    100% Food Grade Non-Toxic Materials. BPA, PVC, Phthalate Free

    Squeeze, Enjoy, Clean, and Re-use.

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    1. By far the best product for tube feeding kids!! Even my non tube fed kids love it!  star rating

      Posted by Katrina Hill on Sep 6th 2017

      I ordered these after I saw a video of a mom feeding her little one on a beach! I have struggled with an easier option to feed my son his food on the go. We have spent so much money on things we were told would work and failed...or made a huge mess. That's where Squeasy Gear came in! It was a huge game changer! We travel 12 hours one way to see my son's doctors and I needed something that I could use to hold his food and also keep it from taking on water in our cooler as the car got hot and humid the cooler's ice would melt and our cup we used before finding squeasy gear would take on water and ruin his food...it was a never ending battle. I would find a cup that was spill proof but it wasn't easy to feed him from the cup to the tube or I would find an easy way to feed him from a pouch to tummy and it would make a mess or I would spend so much money in buying pouch baby food it was unreal. I needed a better option! So glad I found Squeasy Gear!!

    2. Tube Feeding ESSENTIAL  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Sep 2nd 2017

      This product has changed my life as a tube feeding mom. It is SO easy to use and there is never any mess! I will be ordering more. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

    3. I'm in love!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Aug 31st 2017

      I use these for my g tube fed child... the syringes fit into this perfectly and has made life a little easier!

    4. Works great for tube feedings!  star rating

      Posted by Crystal on Aug 29th 2017

      Many parents and caregivers in the tube feeding community have ditched the overly sugary enteral formulas that are often prescribed to tube fed persons and have gotten on board with home blending meals, squeasy gear has made tube feeding him as for my family because if the spout. I can easily pour fresh meals into the soft bottle, then using th no spill insert I am able to stick a syringe in the spout with he bought a letter upside down to draw the food out. No more dipping into containers and th n rinsing. No more tapping out unwanted air bubbles or having to bring in multiple containers for one feeding when on the go. We love our squeasy gear!

    5. This product has saved my sanity!  star rating

      Posted by Wendy Moody on Aug 9th 2017

      I am a mom to a 9 yr old with special needs. One of those needs includes nutrition via g-tube. Before trying Squesy Gear, it took me at least 1 hr extra to take care of his feeds. It was messy and ruined lots of clothes. Took extra medical supplies which exceeded the amount covered through insurance. Feeding was stressful and contributed to both myself and my son's anxiety.
      I now have the 16 Oz sport bottle. Not only has this saved my sanity, but also time and money. And the best part of all less stress which also improved my relationship with my son. I highly recommend Squeasy Gear. Thank you Squeasy Gear for such a great product!

    6. Best water bottle  star rating

      Posted by Chelsea Bates on Jul 11th 2017

      My 1.5 yr old and 3 yr old each use these and love them! They are so easy to use, easy to clean, spill proof for my youngest and something I can totally trust that is non toxic but not going to shatter! We love them!

    7. Runner's dream!  star rating

      Posted by Robyn on Jun 13th 2017

      Love this product!! I originally purchased the 6 oz Squeasy and found it to be exactly what I needed to use for my chia water on long runs. The wider mouth makes it neater to spoon in the chia seed, and the spout is big enough that the seed goes through just fine.
      However... I needed something bigger for my longer long runs.
      I love the 16 oz size Squeasy. I'm training for a marathon, and 16 ozs of chia water might not be enough, so I will carry some chia with me along with Bumbleroot electrolyte powder and refill it with water and add the other stuff later on.
      There's only one thing I'd suggest for the 16 oz Squeasy, though, and that's a request to make it the same slightly flattened shape as the 6 oz Squeasy. It's just easier to handle and also to pack into a gear pocket in my hydration vest if it copies the shape of the smaller size. I don't have kids, but it seems like the flatter shape would also be better for kiddie hands to keep grips on.
      They're also incredibly easy to keep clean!! I wish all sports bottles were this easy to clean!

    8. Such an easy, convenient and practical product  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Jun 6th 2017

      we use these for my medically involved child. makes feeding on the go. So happy to have a supportive and pleasant company looking out for a community in need. The blended diet family has been so luck! Thank you for such a great product!!

    9. better than we expected  star rating

      Posted by Esther on Mar 23rd 2017

      These bottles have revolutionized traveling with healthy foods for us. Easy to use, clean, and store....our whole family loves these. We especially love the impact these have on our daily lives: one of our children has a g-button and these make it easy to bring his food anywhere. The catheter tip syringes fit perfectly with no mess, no waste.

    10. Wonderful for tube fed individuals  star rating

      Posted by Becky on Jan 17th 2017

      We initially bought the Squeasy Sport to be a drinking bottle for our tube fed daughter. We needed something we could "squirt" into her mouth without requiring her to suck, as many bottles on the market do.
      But, a happy surprise, we discovered that her tube extension sets fit onto the bottle lid perfectly. This allows us to feed her more easily and mess free than ever before. It's perfect!

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