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5 Smartphone Apps To Help Make Your Parenting Life Easier


We know parenting in this day and age can be difficult, so we want to bring you 5 smartphone apps that can help make your day a little easier.  These apps can help you stay organized, find activities to do with your little ones and even archive their artwork. 


MamaBear Screen Shots

This family safety app is all encompassing and includes social media and text message monitor, location sharing, speeding alerts, and so much more. If you worry about your big kids, this app can help bring a little peace of mind!

Red Rover

Red Rover App

Find where all the fun is and figure out new ways to adventure with your family. This app will help you find and follow your favorite museums, libraries, and other locations to discover awesome events you might be missing out on.

Baby Connect

Baby Connect App

If you have a new baby in the house, chances are you aren’t getting much sleep and things are looking a lot more disorganized! Looking for ways to track daily information and keep on top of your baby’s milestones? This app is just what you’ve been looking for! Also perfect for

exchanging data between parents and child caregivers.


WebMD App

Everyone knows parenting can be nerve wracking at the best of times, but what about in the middle of the night? This app has a symptom checker built in as well as first aid essentials to help guide you through the scraped knees and stitches.


Canvasly App

Have you ever felt guilty because you had to throw away a stack of art work? Or do you hold onto every piece of art your kids make until your home is bursting at the seams? Then we have the solution for you! Canvsly enables you to upload all the artwork to store on a secure server, sort by time, and even share with friends and family!

We hope that no matter what age your kids are, we have helped you find some ways to make the mom life struggle not so real. From the minor problems like too much artwork to the major stresses of online safety, there are so many ways we can improve our lives with electronics!

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