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Discover ​3 Reasons Squeasy Is The Best Silicone Food Pouch


Here at Squeasy Gear, we have put countless hours to bring you a perfect product. As parents ourselves, we know the frustration of buying things that don’t stand up to the promises. Here are 3 reasons Squeasy is the best silicone kids feeding pouch on the market.

1. No-spill insert means no leaks and no mess

  • This insert makes slurping smoothies and gulping juice super simple, without making a mess all over! There is 

    nothing more frustrating than a so-called leak free sippy cup that spills. Our super simple Squeasy snacker makes spills a thing of the past.

2. Easy to fill, use, and clean!

  • The wide opening makes it easy to get all your food inside with no fuss. The Squeasy snacker will stand on its own even when empty, leaving your hands free for all the other things you’re juggling.
  • Easy to use whether you want water
  • The bottle is made of a soft silicone that makes it super easy to clean with no-hard to reach places - after all, it can be turned inside out easily or tossed into the dishwasher!

3. Safe materials for a healthy home & healthy earth

  • The Squeasy Snacker is made from 100% Food Grade Non-Toxic Materials. It is BPA, PVC, Phthalate free so you know when you buy Squeasy Gear, you have peace of mind.
  • Our easily reusable pouch means you aren’t contributing to the constant cycle of consumerism with one-time use puree pouches. You can also replace your throw-away plastic cups with this environmentally friendly option.

Thousands of parents have discover how Squeasy Gear can help them with feeding on the go, and you should also. 

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